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16 Aug 2016

Is a Market Crash Coming?

Posted by James Russo
Over this past weekend, a client sent an article asking if a market crash was coming.  As this end is touted by many pundits and financial prognosticators, I thought I would share my response below.

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08 Aug 2016

Political Summer Slugfest

Posted by James Russo
The presidential campaign has brought about the suggestion of reforming existing regulations affecting the banking and financial services industry.

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09 Jun 2016

Trump vs. Clinton – Who is Better for the Economy?

Posted by James Russo
After a bruising primary season, we are left with two major party candidates still standing and a choice of whom to vote for this November.  I’m often asked who is better for the economy and to which party I belong. As to the latter question, I generally quip that I am a Federalist and my party died with Hamilton’s demise on the banks of Weehawken, New Jersey. To the former question, I believe that though these matters are of vital importance to the direction of our nation, who is eventually chosen as President will have little long term impact on our resilient American economy. 

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08 Apr 2016

Boring vs. Sexy : McDonald’s versus Shake Shack

Posted by James Russo

Boring is beautiful at Altrius.  When we purchased McDonald’s at the end of 2013, Wall Street and most investors believed the company’s best days were behind it and instead desired to focus on sexier, expensive growth stocks such as Chipotle which also don’t pay dividends.  The results have played out quicker than expected as seen from the chart below.  In addition, McDonald’s has steadily grown its dividend over decades enabling us to be paid to wait for its growth turnaround.


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02 Mar 2016

A Bit of Advice about Long Term Investment

Posted by James Russo

The Following is in Response to a Panicked Email From a Client and Contains Valuable Information For All Long Term Investors:



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