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08 Feb 2018

Rise of the Machines – And How to Beat Them

Posted by James Russo

Today's 1000+ point plunge for the Dow Jones Industrial Average can be attributed primarily to algorithmic, programmed trading. In an absence of any particular news during a trading day, the massive selling (or buying) that occurs during the opening or final hour of a trading day illustrates that a good deal of selling is occurring because of broken technical market levels which triggers further selling and a negative feedback loop. In addition, the massive rise of passive investing in indexes - which are laden with overvalued growth stocks unlike the reasonably priced value-based, dividend stocks we own - is major contributor to the recent sell-off as valuations come back down to earth for such overpriced companies.


Topics: Advice, Financial Advice, Dividends, market fluctuations

02 Jan 2017

A New Year’s Resolution for Cash…What Should I Do Now?

Posted by James Russo
Many prospective clients - and some clients who have held cash outside of their managed assets with us - have asked what they should do with money they've been holding in cash particularly after the market has exhibited a strong rally.  This is not a new question as I have been asked it repetitively the past eight years, particularly at the beginning of many New Year's since the financial crisis, as individuals again focus on their budgets and investments after the holiday festivities are finally complete.

Topics: Dividends, cash on hand, fully invested, market fluctuations

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