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12 Jan 2021

Generating Income through the COVID-19 Recession

Posted by Brady T. Gingrich

Clients familiar with our investment philosophy understand and appreciate our income-focused, value-driven approach. Many of you may recognize the first chart below, which highlights this approach since the inception of our flagship Global Income strategy in 2003. The portfolio values of our clients certainly fluctuated over the past two decades particularly during the dramatic sell-offs resulting from the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, the oil market sell-off of 2014, and recently the COVID-19 recession. However, despite these fluctuations, our clients have enjoyed a steady and growing stream of income over the past 18 years, as the chart depicts.


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03 Dec 2020

2020 Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

Posted by James Russo

A lesson I learned in the Marines, and especially during survival school, is that things usually aren’t as bad as they seem when you are first encountering them and that you must keep moving forward. Persevering when things feel their bleakest is not easy, but it is a lesson we again learned this year. During the height of the COVID lockdown, when the future looked very uncertain and the market fell precipitously over 30% in a month, many investors panicked and sold – but we didn’t.


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