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Altrius Capital Management Awarded Prestigious Manager of the Decade Designation and Top Guns 6-Stars by Informa Financial Intelligence

GameStop Mania and Market Volatility

Generating Income through the COVID-19 Recession

2020 Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

Avoiding the FAAT MAN

Is America Going Broke?

Robert D'Angelo on Market Selloff and Your Financial Plan

Coronavirus - What Does It Mean For Our Portfolio?

The SECURE Act: What it Means for Your Retirement

My Thoughts on Mixing Religion and Investing

The Perils with Option Strategies

Fallacy of the Financial Fast Track

Even Buffett Can Get It Wrong

The Death of the “Stretch IRA”

Rush for Fool’s Gold in the Hot IPO Market

Why ESG and SRI are BS!

Attention Kmart Shoppers...20% "Bluelight Special" What Do I Do With My Cash Now?

Keep Calm and Carry On... Let's Turn off our TV's and Read

Some Questions and Answers About This Year’s Market

Why Anchoring is a Harmful Bias

You'd Have to Be Smoking the Stuff to Buy Pot Stocks

Is the Sky Falling – What Should We Do After Today’s 3% Selloff?

Nike, Kaepernick and the Flag

Starbucks: A Case Study for Our Disciplined Process

I’m Chuck Hughes…I’m a Scam Artist

Volatility, Noise and Media Madness

Why Do We Purchase Stocks That Decline in Value?

Mano A Mano: Altrius vs. “Legendary Manager” Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments

Rise of the Machines – And How to Beat Them

"Now Is Always the Hardest Time to Invest"

Bitcoin: Really?!

Tax Cuts as the Centerpiece of Polical Strife.

A New Year’s Resolution for Cash…What Should I Do Now?

Approaching Dow 20,000...Take a Breath, It's Just a Number

Trump Wins...Now What?

Eating What We Cook

Is a Market Crash Coming?

Government Conspiracy: Are Economic Numbers Cooked?

Political Summer Slugfest

Surprise! Bonds are Strongest Performer This Year

Brexit Schmexit

Trump vs. Clinton – Who is Better for the Economy?

Summer Reading List

Boring vs. Sexy : McDonald’s versus Shake Shack

The Futility of Stop Losses and Excessive Trading

A Bit of Advice about Long Term Investment

Do Market Timing Strategy Products Work?

An Economic Debate: Recent Federal Reserve Actions

Altrius vs. Buffett

Bond Funds versus Individual Bonds

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