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14 Aug 2018

Starbucks: A Case Study for Our Disciplined Process

Posted by Brady T. Gingrich

On more than one occasion in recent years clients have written us about investing in Starbucks, the trendy coffee chain with locations in seemingly every city and town across the United States. Though Starbucks is the coffee shop of choice for some of us at Altrius, we believe that mistaking a company for the products it sells can trap investors into overpaying for its shares (for more on this, head over to our McDonald's vs. Shake Shack blog post) and have thought it expensive until recently. Previously trading at over 30 times trailing earnings with a dividend yield of around 1.5% - less than half that of our Disciplined Alpha Dividend strategy - Starbucks has remained outside of our value discipline in past years. However, the company caught our attention after a recent selloff and we added it to our portfolios in early August.


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20 Feb 2018

Mano A Mano: Altrius vs. “Legendary Manager” Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments

Posted by James Russo

It is unfortunately difficult in the very noisy financial services sector to tell the difference from a broker working for a large bank, a financial services representative at your local bank, an insurance agent pitching financial advice via annuities or life insurance, online brokerage firms offering advice on a green chair, robo-advisors with model ETF platforms and accounting firms selling mutual funds. Some firms however are fee-only Registered Investment Advisors which provide wealth management services as a fiduciary for a fee without commissions thereby limiting many conflicts of interest.


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05 Feb 2018

"Now Is Always the Hardest Time to Invest"

Posted by James Russo

Today's 2%+ market sell-off has certainly unnerved some investors.  Like any market move in the short-term, it's important to take a deep breath and think about your long term goals as we assess our outlook and strategy.  So, has anything changed?


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19 Sep 2016

Eating What We Cook

Posted by James Russo
At Altrius, we invest our company’s retirement plan assets side by side our clients owning the same stocks and bonds that our clients do.  In addition, I also invest all of my personal savings in the same 35 U.S. stocks, 40 international companies and approximately 100 bonds we own.  “Eating what we cook” is one of the many ways we align the interests of our clients with our own interests. 

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12 Aug 2016

Government Conspiracy: Are Economic Numbers Cooked?

Posted by James Russo
This is a question raised by politicians and individuals alike both on the left and right of the political spectrum.  I actually like when I receive questions or assertions from clients and investors regarding the validity of economic numbers as I believe being  a skeptic and questioning data makes for sounder long-term investment decisions.  I’m certainly one myself, in addition to being a contrarian (a necessary trait for a value investor); however, though questioning economic numbers and their sources is important, it is also vital to look at all of the pieces of the economic puzzle in their entirety when developing an economic and investment outlook and strategy.

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